Divination, energy work, cats, music, and even a few goat selfies here and there.




Those are the bullet points of my life and what I am bringing to the table. My relationship
with the cards has been an ever growing love story that brings me closer to my soul and my purpose every day. Toss in some reiki, a little dowsing, a bunch of cats and some great Chicago music to make my world the magickal creation that it is. I follow an intuitive path to the Tarot and view each card as a snapshot view at life.


Life is dynamic. Tarot is dynamic.




Every reading will bring you closer to understanding your path during this
incarnation and how your soul is shining brightly in the Universe. From the first communication we have to the final confirmation that you are on the right track, I will be working with you to identify what is holding you back and how you can sling-shot forward into a higher level of love, understanding, and wisdom.



No unicorns and rainbows. Just the truth, with a big side of hope.




From absolute beginners to experienced soul warriors, I pledge to bring the Tarot to you in a helpful, understandable, and compassionate manner. When you are ready to begin, click that Book a Session button and let’s get to work!


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My gifts have brought clarity and wisdom to myself and many others.  However, the information that you receive should never be taken as a replacement for sound medical, legal or financial advice.

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