Avoiding the scammers

I felt like I needed to provide a little redemption information after last week’s prank that I pulled on you all. If you were listening in to Akasha Temple Live! last week, you heard me discussing a new level of energy work and healing that I was experiencing and working with. I discussed how this energy work was delivered to me spiritually and how I had changed lives through its use. Then I dropped the bomb and told you it was all fake. I used this little April Fool’s Day joke to highlight the importance of being aware of scams in the psychic and energetic healing world.

The problem with identifying scams is that they aren’t always obvious. We hear stories every year about various people who have fallen victim to unscrupulous readers and healers that promise the world and leave you with little more than an empty bank account and crushed dreams. The stories that most deliberate scammers use play on your fears and anxieties. They seek out the areas of your life where you are most insecure and capitalize on them to extort money, jewelry or anything else of value that they can get from you. The tactic is not unlike any other scam. Find a weakness, promise the ultimate relief of that weakness and charge enormous amounts for that relief.

The tricky part is, with psychic and energy based scams, there is little to show whether the process that is promised is working or not. There is no measurable scale that shows precisely how much money will get you the information or healing that you are seeking. Enter the repeating scammer. Some con artists will play it safe and bounce from client to client taking small amounts where they can and then move on to avoid becoming “traceable”. Others, typically the ones that you end up seeing on the news, find easy prey and latch on until they bleed them dry. When the promise of relief falls through, the blame gets placed on the client and their apparent lack of faith or sufficient sacrifice. The requirements for success get greater and greater until there is nothing left to give.

We have all heard about these tricks and I hope that there will continually be fewer and fewer victims of them over time. As we collectively raise awareness, the ability to be duped lowers at the same time.

But what about readers that are not professional criminals or deliberate scammers? Is it possible for them to pull one over on you with knowing it? Unfortunately, I believe that it is. I find it sad and disappointing when I hear of readers or healers that seem to have gone off the deep end. Oftentimes, they are truly gifted individuals who have allowed the gifts they posses to inflate their ego to the point that they lose track of how their gifts work. At any point in a reader or healer’s work, there is a rick pf allowing the ego to take over. After countless sessions of targeting accurate information, divining secrets that no one else would know or releasing pain, trauma and sickness that seemed relentless it can be very enticing to accept the praise and accolades and acknowledge that you are the source of this wonderful power and that you are somehow above others in your gift.

If you travel in any psychic or energy work circles, you will undoubtedly run into a few of these people. They will start to raise red flags among others in the circle when their talks shifts into patterns of identifying themselves as the source or the reason behind a certain action or outcome. This can be tricky to spot at first as it usually doesn’t come out right away in a blatant manner. But if you listen for the subtle clues, you can start to spot the pattern before it gets to far. The shifts you may notice take a statement such as “I was working with a client today and through the reiki energy, their headaches just vanished” to “I was working with a client today and I released their headaches totally.” Unchecked, this pattern has the potential to grow into stronger ego based statements like “I can cure your headaches” and eventually into the idea that you are so powerful that people need to pay you a lot more for your amazing headache busting technique. After all this technique was bestowed up you by the almighty spirit of whatever and it is only for your use. Sound outrageous? I’ve seen it happen…

What frightens me and upsets me at the same time is that so many of us risk this same transition and without the assistance of our peers, there is a huge risk of falling off of that ego cliff and possibly pulling some innocent people down with us. I find that it is crucial for each of us to maintain a high level of humility in what we do and constantly be open the suggestions of our peers when we are getting too big for our britches. From a peer perspective, it is important for us to all to foster a constant state of confident humility in our workings and interactions. Encourage each other regularly but avoid the mistake of naming individuals as reason or source for anything that has happened. We are all catalysts and channels, but we are not the source of the energy. That is so much greater than any of us. Think of a lamp, sure by flipping the switch we are able to turn the lamp on. Be we are not the source of the light, nor are we even the source for the energy that fuels the light. All we are is a catalyst for allowing that energy to travel to its intended destination. Don’t believe me? Unplug the lamp or unscrew the bulb. Now tell me that it is you that caused the light to shine.

Another aspect of unintended fraud is the the idea that there is a magic bullet for anything. It doesn’t matter if it is a prediction that you are hoping for, a healing, a specific outcome or anything. There just isn’t an action free way to get your desired results. Anyone promising you differently, is feeding you a line of bull, whether they know it or not. The universe does not work in a vacuum. When we seek a specific outcome, there is no way to simple drop a coin in a cosmic slot and dispense that outcome like a soda. It takes work. It takes change. And it takes your active role.

One of the most frustrating things I find with some healers is that there is no suggestion on how to improve your life after the session. It is assumed by either the healer, the client or at times both that just getting an energetic healing will be enough to cure what ails you. For some things, this may have some truth. If all you are seeking is temporary relaxation, then yes, a simple session may be enough for you. But how many of us just want temporary relaxation? Do you ever ask your Reiki practitioner, “Just calm me down for an hour or so. I’d really like to get stressed out again later today.”

No, that’s silly and completely unproductive. When we seek relaxation, we want it to be lasting. But that lasting relaxation will take change on your part. You can’t expect to have your life suddenly be less stressful just because you had a reiki treatment. You need to use the calming energy to examine the stresses in your life and seek to alter them so that they do not affect you in the same manner. The same goes for physical ailments. If you are seeking energetic treatments for a specific condition, you need to make sure that you are taking steps to change the triggers for that condition in your life as well. Energy work can add great relief to conditions like high blood pressure, but if you follow your session with another big bag of pork rinds and Mountain Dew, you’re not going to be doing yourself any good.

As a reiki master myself, I know it can be challenging to broach this subject with your clients. Especially if we are not medical professionals ourselves (which I am not). However, it is in this time that as professionals we need to be honest and open with our clients. Talk to them about the energies you felt during the session and advise them of any problem areas you picked up on. If you have any concerns that there are medical issues going on, advise them to talk it over with their doctor. I advise against attempting to give any diagnosis, but do strongly suggest that they seek follow up with a licensed doctor. Remind them that changes in lifestyle effect the lasting changes within us.

The point of my story last week was in highlighting both of these issues. In my story, it was me that was doing the healing. Not Source, not God, not the Universe, but me. I was offering this miracle healing as a magic bullet as well. There was nothing you needed to do to take advantage of this opportunity other than shell out a huge sum of money. These aspects are things that I urge you all to watch out for when you are seeking out energy work and psychic advice. Fraud is avoidable, even when it is not intentional. Keep on your toes and remember the old adage. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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