He Said She Said 2/28/11

Do men and women read tarot differently?  Is the guidance we offer the same – or is there a distinct masculine/feminine edge to our words?  Join Theresa Reed and myself each month as we tackle questions sent in from our readers and see how different – or similar – we really are with our interpretations and advice.

We will each prepare a reading separately and then comment on each other’s interpretations and put this all together in one fun (and thought provoking) post for our readers to enjoy.

This isn’t a “tarot battle of the sexes” – this is an exploration, a mash up, a contemplation.  

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Question from Heidi: Recently, I was asked to participate in a work project.  The project coordinator neglected to tell me that a coworker that I cannot stand would also be participating.  This coworker and I have had major issues – and the issues are so bad, we now avoid each other.  I’ve even moved to a different department so that I rarely have to cross paths with him.  I’m furious with the project coordinator who seems to think we should “just get over it” and “get along”.  I’m not even sure what I am asking here – I’m just so angry right now!  What can you tell me about how I need to handle the workplace dynamics?

 Cards:  3 of Pentacles reversed; The Chariot; The Hanged Man reversed

 Matt’s reading: Wow, this is a very interesting dynamic, Heidi.  On one hand, you have the Three of Pentacles reversed.  This is asking you to step back from the spotlight and just be part of the team.  Minimal drama, minimal attention.  There is no need for either of you to lose your cool or your jobs because of the tension between you.  Hang back, focus on the task at hand and keep to the anonymity of the group.  If he is going to encourage drama, let it be with someone else, you have work to do.  

 On the other hand, you have the Hanged Man reversed.  He is telling you that there is no need to sacrifice yourself either.  Should you find yourself involved in the drama again, you need to speak up.  Speak your truth and hold your ground, but in a polite and professional way.  Don’t seek out an altercation, but don’t fall into martyrdom either.

 Down the middle road, you have the Chariot.  This is your focal point.  Forward momentum, progress, keep moving.  You were chosen for this project for a reason and your talents are needed.  Don’t let the drama and tension of the past hinder your progress.  Set yourself on a mission to complete the project to the best of your ability, regardless of the speed bumps and obstacles.  

 You have a challenge, that is for sure.  But here is your guidance, keep your head down and work hard at constant forward progress.  Allow your work to speak for you rather than your words or actions.  Avoid any drama like the plague.  Should you find yourself getting caught in it anyway, be sure to speak your truth in a professional and practical way.  Let the project manager deal with the drama, you have a job to do.

 Theresa’s comments about Matt’s reading: I found it very interesting that Matt and I came up with some very similar advice for Heidi. The message seems to be telling Heidi to stay the course and get the current project done but be well armed and prepared so that this does not happen again. I like Matt’s advice about “speaking your truth and holding your ground” – I have been in situations like Heidi’s and I know that “keeping the peace” and “being the good girl” is not always in my best interests. His gentle but wise statement: “Don’t seek out an altercation, but don’t fall into martyrdom either” is incredibly wise for the delicate work politics that many of us find ourselves in from time to time. I’m going to keep that tucked in the back of my head for the future.

 Theresa’s reading: A:  With the 3 of Pentacles reversed leading this situation, it seems as if you are indeed in a work situation that is problematic.  You are being asked to do something that feels uncomfortable and this is not conducive for you to do your best work.  This card reminds me of a bad “love triangle” and there may be no winners here.  If you give in, your boundaries may feel crossed – if you hold back, you’ll look like a bitch.  It’s very challenging.

 The Chariot suggests that for just this project, perhaps you need to put on your armor and get in there and just do what you have to do to drive this project in a successful direction.  Notice how the man in the Chariot is staring straight ahead – he is focused on the goal and only the goal.  He has both sphinxes restrained as he continues to move ahead.  That suggest to me that you need to focus less on the work place dynamics at this time and just get the job done.

 For the Hanged Man reversed in the final position, that is also an indicator that you do no have to be in these sorts of situations any longer if you feel uncomfortable.  When this card is right side up, it is all about sacrifice – “taking one for the team”.  Reversed seems to say: don’t put yourself in this type of situation again.  Look carefully at what is expected and who is involved before you go out on a limb again.  If you do not feel comfortable with a situation and if being involved in a project is optional, I’d opt out.  Your boundaries need to be respected.  If this type of situation comes up again, it may be time to look for a more supportive work environment.

Matt’s comments about Theresa’s reading: I have to say that Theresa and I really seemed to be in sync on this one.  I really liked the thought of the three of pentacles and the energy of the situation being like a bad love triangle.  There is a high chance of emotions running wild and keeping yourself grounded and focused on the tasks will be the key to success in this project.  The overall impression that I see in both of our readings is this thought of keeping your head down and plugging forward.  I typically don’t find myself paying much direct attention the sphinxes in the Chariot card.  But Theresa’s mention of them being restrained got me thinking about the idea of what the sphinxes represent.  In Greek mythology, the sphinx was a creature that was feared for her riddles and the penalty of death should you answer incorrectly.  This may be an indicator as well that you need to grab hold and control the fear in your life.  Don’t let your fears and anxieties take you to places that you don’t want to go.  Grab the reigns and control your outcome!  

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