Princess of Pentacles

I love it when the cards just jump right out and slap me with information for the day. I had a lot of plans today and when I saw the Princess of Pentacles come up this morning, I knew that there was going to be some shifts going on with my plans.  As a card that corresponds with transitions in resources, I was interested to see what the day may have in store for me.

Throughout the day, I was hit with the typical ups and downs including news of some finances coming in and more going out.  Nothing too crazy and nothing out of the ordinary.  As it often happens, as soon as I stopped thinking about the energy of the card the wheels of fortune started turning.

Mid way through my day, I got a message through Facebook from a friend that had a very interesting and intriguing proposal for me.  As it is still very much in the transition stage, I can’t share many details with you all right now except to say that it has the potential to be really cool and really big!  Not only does this card represent the energy of Spring and rebirth for me, it also represents the idea of investigating new opportunities and exploring them fully.  The proposal that I got today will need a lot of examination and will certainly bring about a rebirth for me as well.

Over the next few weeks,  I hope to be able to elaborate more on this as I confirm details and plans.  In the mean time, I am going to be harnessing the energy of this card to do my research and enjoy the transition that is on the horizon!

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