The magic bullet

Throughout my spiritual exploration and my work with divination there are a few tools that I work with regularly to help me out. I have talked a bit about some of them throughout my Moments of Mindfulness segments and it is my hope that some of you have been able to gain some greater insight and clarity in your lives because of the skills you have learned.

I have discussed dowsing and the many ways that you can use a simple pendulum to divine answers for the questions you have as well as using it to adjust and manipulate the energies of people, places and things around you. I have also touched on meditation as a spiritual tool to help gain insight into the challenges you face on a daily basis and as a way to communicate with your higher self and your guides. In a few segments, I have even touched on my love of the Tarot though I try not to spend too much time on that topic as we have such a powerhouse segment devoted to the cards in Rootweaver’s Tarotelic.

I share each of these tools with you in the hopes that my experiences with them will give you additional resources to build the life that you are seeking. I tell you what works for me and give you the opportunity to use the practices as they are or adjust them to fit your needs. Tonight however, I need to shift my delivery a little. I have been working with some new methods over the last few months that have yielded some amazing results. So much so, that it has been a big debate for me to even speak about it as I have had difficulty fully trusting that what I have witnessed and done was a reality and at times I wondered how it was even possible.

After working with multiple clients, friends, family and other readers on this I feel that I have finally gotten enough outside verification that I can share this with all of you confidently.

Now at this point, you may be thinking to yourself; “Good lord, Matt. What the hell have you been working on? Curing cancer or something? Just tell us what’s so special!”

To which I reply; “Actually, you’re not far off…”

Now I haven’t actually been working on a cure for cancer, but I have been been working on identifying and removing what I have come to call “aura tumors”. In the meditation work that I do and the in development of my psychic gifts, I have been focusing hard on my clairvoyant abilities. Part of my work with this has been practicing astral projection and remote viewing. These practices have allowed me to see other people and places through my mind’s eye and connect with them on a completely energetic level. I have been working with this for a while now but recently I started to notice something different during certain astral trips. As I observed the people that I was projecting to or viewing, I could see some strange anomalies in their auras.

Now anytime that I view another person, what I typically see is a shadow of their physical body surrounded by the colorful glow of their aura. The aura is generally very vivid and encapsulates the person like a giant translucent bubble. However, in these recent trips, I began to see what looked like growths on the auras. Not every one had a growth, but enough did to make me question what I was seeing. What I found was that each person that had a growth on their aura, was experiencing a physical ailment at the same time. Often one that was persistent and plaguing to them. For example, One person had an aura growth on the area around their left knee. When I asked them if they were having issues with their knees, they advised me that they were scheduled for surgery on that leg later in the month. The pain and damage had gotten so bad that they could hardly walk. Another person had a growth over her chest area and told me after the session that she had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Needless to say, this was blowing my mind! I decided that I needed to explore this further and see if there was anything that I could do about these growths or as I started to call them, “Aura Tumors”. I consulted with my higher self and my spirit guides over a number of meditation sessions and found that a consistent factor in all the tumors I had seen was that each person had also gone through a serious, life changing event in the past year or less. I was shown the power of our negative manifestation in that there are times when our stress, pain, anxiety and fear are so great that they actually develop into physical manifestations within our bodies.

In the case of the knee surgery, the man’s wife had recently been paralyzed in a car accident where he was at fault. The pain and grief that he was feeling because of this was actually manifesting itself in his body in such a way that he was becoming nearly immobile himself. The woman diagnosed with cancer had been the victim of years of repeated emotional and verbal abuse and had nearly lost the ability to speak up for herself due the shattered self image that she had. Her loss of personal vocal power was so severe that it developed into a cancerous growth that nearly killed her.

However, and here comes the good part, I was also shown a method to remove these tumors and kick start the healing process on its own. This is a method that was delivered to me through my guides and puts to use every tool in my spiritual tool box. First, by entering a meditative state, I am able to connect with the individual and inspect their aura for any growths. Upon finding them I make a mental note of the location so that I can discuss it with the person. I then break out my Tarot cards and do a specially designed spread that identifies for me the energetic and emotional reason behind the tumor. This spread also identifies the actions needed to resolve the emotional trauma and begin the healing process. Upon discussing all of this with the individual, I then dowse for any negative energies or entities that may get in the way of the healing and remove them. The person is now prepped an ready for the removal of the trauma and the tumor. Through a ritualistic meditation, I re-enter a meditative state and reconnect with the aura. By using the energies of the Tarot cards that indicated the steps for releasing the trauma, I energetically remove the tumor and reseal the aura with white light.

In nearly every instance of using this method, the people that I have worked with have seen rapid and measurable improvement in their emotional state and their physical condition. The gentleman needing knee surgery was able to support himself that day and by the end of the week was walking with no support. His doctors ended up canceling his surgery after they did a final preliminary x-ray and couldn’t find anything wrong! How cool is that?!

The reason that I have shared all this with you is that I am opening up this service to all of you who may be experiencing deep emotional trauma that has led to physical illness as well. I am confident in this process and I know that after we are done, you will feel the release of not only your deep seated pain, but also the bodily affliction that has developed with it. I must be honest though, this process is extremely taxing for me energetically and therefore the exchange needed for this service is high. However, if you are ready to take your life back and be finally free, then send me an email with your bank account information to aprilfools (at) dontfreakingdothis (dot) com.

Yes, that’s right.  I went the April Fools route tonight with you.

The path I have just led you down is a dangerous one. Much of what I told you about is complete and utter nonsense and I hope that many of you caught that before I got to the punch line. However, as with many scams, there is enough truth in it that it can be very believable, especially if it coming from someone you thought you could trust. The divination methods I use are very powerful and yes, I can project out and view remotely. But I can’t see growths on your aura and even if I could, a meditation with Tarot and dowsing is not going to magically make them go away.

Energetic healing is possible, but it is never a guarantee. There is no magic bullet and no one has a fool proof method of curing all that ails you. The energetic healing that works takes change and work on the part of the patient in addition to any work that the practitioner does. When we are at our lowest, it is easy to be taken advantage of. It is also extremely easy to take the quick route when the results that are promised to you seem so wonderful. We hear of people every year that get fleeced for believing in scams like this and seem to fall head first into it because the promise of health, wealth, curse-lifting or true love seem so tantalizing and so simple to achieve now that they have this “magic” solution.

We must always remember that any deal, offer or promise that seems too good to be true, probably is.

For more information on how to identify and avoid psychic scams, check out this post.  Or this great post by Arwen!

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  1. OMG this was actually pretty hilarious. And you are so right on with this. It saddens me to see people do this to others. I have no qualms calling them out if I do see it happening, however. Being involved with tarot for almost 12 years now, it really is not hard to spot the fakers. It is such a disservice to the rest of us who are authentic & sincere, as well as to the person they are reading for — or doing any other “service” with.

    1. Thanks Kimberly! This is the transcription of a weekly internet radio segment that I do for Akasha Temple Live on I had them going to the point that they almost cut in and stopped me! lol It is all too common that people get taken by scams like this and I keep hoping that by bringing this stuff into the light (in whatever ways I can) that people will start to spot the frauds for themselves.

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