Tarot and politics

The last 12 months have been extremely contentious in the realm of politics.  You can easily pass this off by saying that politics is always a tense and frustrating sphere, but it would be very hard to not acknowledge that something is a little extra crazy right now.

I have never really been a big follower of the election cycles or the governmental process in general over the years, but I have been trying a lot more recently.  As a citizen of the world, I have started to understand that if you want things to change, you have to be involved.  To be involved, you have to understand what is going on.  While I have been doing my research to understand the national and local politics going on a round me, I have also been looking to the cards to peer into election results, legislation impact, and overall social impact on certain governmental decisions.

After getting some pretty accurate results for the national election last year, I decided to draw some cards for the local elections that we have as well.  A few weeks ago I drew a card for each mayoral candidate to see how they would fare if the election was held then.  At the time, there was a very clear message as to who would win and who would walk away.  Many things have come to light since then and the internet chatter has been filled with facts and accusations alike.  With the election only two days away, I thought I would take today to check in again and see what the potential outcome will be.

For the Mayor, Robert Lovero: The Chariot

For the opponent, Ted Polashek: The Hierophant


The first thing that jumps out at me is that the race is much closer than it was a few weeks ago.  If you look at the cards, there is a lot of similarity between them  Both feature a single, central figure with two minor characters in front.  Both feature that figure dressed and prepared for the role they are going to play.  Hell, they are even both wearing crowns and holding scepters.  Pretty even, right?

So let’s get to the differences and where I see the two campaigns diverging.

With the Chariot, we see motion and all three characters going in the same direction. They are also outside prepared for battle.  This shows me that the campaign is moving together as unit and the Mayor is relying on the support of his team for advancement.  They are prepared, calculated, and willing to do whatever it takes to win.

With the Hierophant, there is stability and structure.  This campaign is about sticking to a plan and a trusting that there will always be enough people looking up to him to support his efforts.  It has the feeling of knowing that they are out to do something that is destined and faith will see them through.

When I look at these cards, I see that the odds are very, very close right now for either candidate.  While the mayor will be relying on the team that he has around him, his opponent will be banking on the constituents to keep him afloat.

As with the previous spread that I did, I do see the incumbent mayor pulling this election off.  However, with the support that Alderman Polashek has gained, I do not see him fading away from the city’s future.